New BOOM version: 1.3.0

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Patch 1.3.0 for BOOM: Remake is up! You can find the new version at the download page.

This update comes with several important bug fixes that made the game much harder to finish than intended: namely, save files and some occasional crashes/softlocks.

Other than that, the Teleporters’ behaviour has been reworked a bit to make it more faithful to the original BOOM.

Shouts out to the user Benji for reporting all these bugs! Sorry if it took a bit longer than I anticipated to fix (most of) them, but they should be gone for good now :-)

A couple of yet-to-be-fixed issues now consist in the Mean O’ Taur AI and probably more tweaking on the Teleporters. I hope I can get those fixes as well within a reasonable time frame :-)

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