A first peek to actual art!

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Today’s post is a bit special: I can at last show you a teensy bit of the actual, not-made-by-me-in-GIMP art that’ll be part of Lifish! Of course, something may still differ in the release version, but this is much more representative of what you can expect the game to look like :-)

The player has been redesigned: it’s still a humanoid bird, but much more badass and with the “Rambo-like” look I wanted it to have since the beginning. Thanks to the talented hand of Elisa, the artist collaborating with me to create Lifish (go check out her work, it’s super cool!), our protagonist is now really ready to kick some alien asses. I mean, look at him!

In the latest months, Elisa’s been working on concept art and animations to start giving the world of Lifish a shape and we’re starting to get a grasp on what it shall feel like.

Lifish Concept Art
Concept art for the first area of Lifish

As you can see, despite my not-exactly-regular updates, development is going on, slow but steady. Unfortunately this game is a hobby project for the both of us, and we can’t work on it full-time, but we’re determined to roll out a demo of the first ten-or-so levels within 2018 nonetheless :-) As always, stay tuned for more updates!

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