BOOM Remake released!

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Hello, I’m not dead! The lack of updates recently is mostly due to me graduating and starting a new job as a Junior Gameplay Programmer. It’s a super neat job, but of course it comes with a hard strike to my free time and I have yet to settle into my new daily schedule :-)

However, I have good news! I’ve been working on modding parts of Lifish in order to get a fully working BOOM remake, and I’m glad to announce the first release is here!

In the likely case you don’t know, BOOM was a shareware MacOS game that inspired me to create Lifish. The original site hosting the BOOM downloads has recently gone down, probably for good, so I decided to extract all assets from BOOM and put them into a modded version of Lifish. The result is a fully playable faithful remake of BOOM! If you’re interested in playing it, go straight to the download page and play it 100% free on Windows, Mac or Linux!

I couldn’t thoroughly test from start to end, so should you find any bug, please let me know in the comments.


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