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A first peek to actual art!

1 minute read

Today’s post is a bit special: I can at last show you a teensy bit of the actual, not-made-by-me-in-GIMP art that’ll be part of Lifish! Of course, something ...

Gadget Logbook part 2

4 minute read

Part 1 covered library bindings, basic drawing, lighting and instanced drawing. Let’s continue from there.

Gadget Logbook part 1

5 minute read

The Gadget project I’ve been working on a project named Gadget (as in Gadget Hackwrench) for about 3 months now, and I’ve just decided I’ll keep a sort of lo...


less than 1 minute read

A very small update: I’ve added a “Gallery” section in the Lifish page. I’ll update it as graphics improvements come up, which I hope will do much more const...

Functional State Machines in C++

7 minute read

My videogame, Lifish, features several boss fights. Bosses are probably the most complex type of entity found in Lifish, as their behaviour needs to be inter...